MYO pure frozen yogurt


We at MYO Frozen Yogurt feel it is an honor to be involved in helping our community. We strive to be able to participate in local organizations (school, church, team or any charitable cause) through fundraising, donating, sponsorships and more. If you have any questions about the information below or would like to inquire, please email us at


Want a fun, fast, easy, and most importantly tasty way to raise money for your charitable organization? If the answer is YES then contact us to set up your fundraiser day! Also known as a “dine out” fundraiser, a specific day is designated to your organization where MYO donates a percentage back to the cause. We actually donate to you for eating our frozen yogurt, unbelievable but true!


Is your charitable organization holding a special event, gala, tournament, or fundraising occasion? MYO can provide a variety of prizes that you can use towards your event.

Sponsorships & Advertisements

Does your sports team, theatre program or other organization offer playbill, advertisement or logo sponsorships? Whether it be a banner in a school gym, a logo on a sports jersey, or an ad on a website, MYO loves to be a part of various community programs.

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